Touch And Go

Might as well –

Get used to losing you Now

Because sooner or later

You’ll eventually Be gone.

By then the heartache;


Wretched –

Petrified In

Gigahurtz’ own catch

of loss

Will already have resilient roots

Rejoicing deeply;

Extending upliftingly

Unto Swaying Storytelling

Springs ~


Flapping Language of Repetitive


A Rapture


Within All those Soul*Mate


Of weeping you away unto the vast foreign wildernesses

and French*Kissing you back unto this crowd surfing Spirit Team

Supporting thrusts and bursts of

Human Nature

Wrapped Raw

In Pink flush of Pearlescent


Enveloping with Paternal Arms

the Practice of Exhausted Grief in temporary pleasure

as Preparation Garden for the Surrender of Exhumed Relief in

Impermanence’s Extreme Measure.

Still Will Sting

Letting Go Will already Redeem a slice

of cakewalk easement

That Vile, Sweet Being

Now Gone

That Vital, Fleeting Dream –

New Dawn.

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