Dear Idaho Governor: Please Veto Bill SB 1211

Dear Governor,

You hold a position of immense responsibility and power – both of which one in your position should stand strongly against abuse of and share your power in abundance with the people, land, nature so sacred and so dear.

In this Spirit I write to you and join the voice of many others in asking you to please veto SB 1211 which calls for the reduction of wolves. The amount of money willing to committed to this bill is unjust in the wake of the clear benefits wolves bring to balancing natural environments.

As evidence I present:

  2. simply Search within Youtube: Benefit of Wolves in Yellowstone for more video evidence for the case of Protecting wolves.

The money of the taxpayers and people should be spent on helping protect living beings rather than destroy and kill them which in turn affects Us All in dire ways; some visible and some invisible until further down the timeline.

We should be using 500,000 plus dollars to feed and clothe and house the homeless and protect our precious nature cycles and environment. The circle of Life should be edified and rectified rather than annihilated and violated.

This decision is so much bigger than killing wolves. Please Veto SB 1211 and allow Nature to Harmonize and Balance and Centralize on its own terms and in its own wild ways. In the wake of your veto, work with those opposing forces to suss out alternatives which keep the wolves alive and the lives of those affected by the living wolves to maintain their best lives as well.

Thank you for reading and listening.

Hummingbird J (of Taos, NM)

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