Completed Book Reading List

Ongoing list of completed book Reads

(should have been doing this a long time ago)


Four New Messages by Joshua Cohen * overall, a kinda meh read. I doubt much of this will stick with me. The best story, personally, is the fourth called SENT, but even that lost me about halfway through. This is adventurous writing and unique prose which I applaud; however it just never fully grabbed me upon finishing. I never abandon books. This is one I could have although I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy the solid beginning of SENT.


Hummingbird Salamander by Jeff Vandermeer ** different yet not always captivating enough. Lags in places. The final pages picked up a bit. Great messages about climate change and care of environment and warnings. Unique, at times. Just never fully got so into the story that I couldn’t put it down. Meh, not super memorable.


News of the World by Paulette Jiles ** a little slow for my taste. Decent; if not a memorable read that will stick with me long. Has a noble central character and a good heart at center of story. In this case the film may end up being better; have not yet seen.


The Oracle Year by Charles Soule***Very Good. Enjoyed, Fascinating, Intelligent, Current Event Relevant Depth, Well-written. Follows a simple guy who is a struggling bass player in NYC until he becomes endowed with predictions of the future that come true. He becomes a saint to some and dangerous to others. Asks questions about what we would do with all the power to see the future. Would we protect others or protect ourselves? Help or harm? Enjoyed this one enough that I am going to read Soule’s Star Wars contribution.


The Law of Love by Laura Esquivel***Very Good and Completely Unique Storytelling accompanied with music and graphic novel sequences. Way ahead of its time when it was released. Now I believe the masses are more open to the ideas and concepts in this. Past life regressions, astroanalysts, reincarnation, oneness, spirit guides/guardian angels. The experience is unique and finds purpose in every life on the planet and all the lessons we experience during our life missions whether good or bad. The musical sequences and graphics dealing with characters learning they were raped or the rapist (sometimes both in past lives) really led to deep sobbing as a reader. A lot of powerful emotional release happens during this and the ending is a beautiful, happy one. At times it is a little silly and over-the-top yet i rolled with all the elements and enjoyed it. The grandmother character led to lol’s at times. Overall i would say this book unlocks a lot of deep healing and can awaken readers to the bigger picture if not already aware.


Dune by Frank Herbert *** Very Good. Important themes of water, perseverance, leadership, individual liberty/autonomy, community interdependence, religious extremes, and creating green/sustainable situations out of environments/situations that appear to be dire or impossible. Cautionary themes of religious extremes and hero archetypes. Looking forward to the Denis V. Film. Thus far, have not received immediate enthusiasm for continuing the Dune saga from readers I know. I may pick up another along the way though. We’ll see. Many great Classic memorable quotes within this read to return to again and again. Will always associate the Hugh Jackman HBO film, Bad Education, with Dune as his former student who becomes his lover expresses how much Dune impacted him and Hugh Jackman’s character fondly remembers.

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